Patient checklist

Before your anaesthetic, please:

1.  Obtain a quote by phoning (07) 3031 0900 or by filling out the form.  You will be emailed an estimate detailing the out of pocket expenses for your anaesthetic.

2. Please email or send the RETURN COPY to the rooms prior to your  procedure.

3. Find out for how long you will need to fast prior to surgery.  This will generally be 6 hours for food and 2 hours for water unless you are told otherwise.

4. If your surgery is more than a week away, consider:

  • losing some weight, if you are overweight – obesity complicates anaesthesia, and any weight reduction will help.
  • ceasing smoking, but not if your operation is within 48 hours
  • getting more aerobically fit if you have significant health problems
  • having any loose teeth or unstable caps/crowns seen to by a dentist.  Loose dentition can be dislodged and pose an airway risk.

5. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your anaesthetic, or need advice in regard to the preoperative checklist, please contact one of our admin staff.

Prior to admission

You will be contacted by the hospital prior to your admission and given information about your surgery.  This will include your admission date and time, fasting information and what to bring to hospital.