For Surgeons

Narcosia Anaesthesia Group is one of the leading anaesthetic groups in Brisbane with a long standing and well earned reputation for excellence in anaesthesia care. All of our anaesthetists are highly skilled and vastly experienced practitioners with a background in public and private practice. Many of our doctors are examiners for the ANZCA final examinations and sit on medical advisory boards across the many private hospitals in Brisbane.

In short, we care about not only our individual patients, but also about the training of future generations as well as the maintenance of strict standards of governance throughout our areas of practice. Our practice caters to every type of procedure including paediatrics, obstetrics and cardiac anaesthesia, and our practitioners are accredited across all hospitals in Brisbane

We are able to provide anaesthetic cover for all your surgery lists, be they regular, ad hoc or out-of-hours.  We already cover many surgeons and proceduralists around Brisbane, contact us if you would like to speak to one of our existing surgeons for a reference.  Our anaesthetists cover each other during leave, and each group member approves of new members to the extent that they are happy for them to cover their lists, knowing there will be minimal disruption, and ongoing excellent service

Phone Narcosia Anaesthesia Group for:

  • Reliable cover of all surgeries and lists, be they regular or ad hoc.
  • No interruption of your anaesthetic cover while anaesthetists are on leave.
  • Known gap billing for each booked procedure, informed financial consent given providing certainty to patients and transparency of our costs.
  • Preoperative assessments in advance when required, upon your referral