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Estimates For Anaesthetic Service

We are an associateship of anaesthetists, hence each specialist establishes his or her own fee schedule. These are based on the recommendations of The Australian Society Of Anaesthetists and The Australian Medical Association. There is usually a gap associated with the fee.

You can contact us for an estimate of fees either by using our online form or calling our office during business hours. We will provide a written estimate as soon as possible.  Upon receipt of your estimate, you will be required to acknowledge receipt of your estimate, by signing and returning the return copy of your quote.

We encourage you to ask any questions you have regarding fees by phoning our office:

Ph : (07) 30310900
Fax: (07) 38324147

If you would like more information regarding anaesthesia fees, this is available at the Australasian Society of Anaesthetists website, some useful links are below.

What will it cost?

Rebates explained

Information Regarding Fees

Fees charged for an anaesthetic service are set by each individual anaesthetist as required by law.

Generally they are based on recommendations of value from the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and/or the Australian Medical Association.  Factors that vary the fee you are charged include:

  1. the operation you are having
  2. the duration of your operation
  3. the need for specialised anaesthetic techniques or monitoring
  4. your state of health and your age.

Some of the amount paid will be refundable from medicare and your health fund. There is usually a “gap payment” left after this refund. This gap is due to the fact that historically the amounts refunded under medicare for anaesthetic services fall well below the actual value of the service. This is demonstrated by the higher amounts that government bodies are prepared to pay out for workers compensation and veterans affairs patients for the same service, and by the fact that medicare rebates have lagged far behind the CPI over the years.

Usually you will be required to pay only the gap portion of your fee, your health fund will be billed directly for the rebate portion.  Some health funds require that you pay the full amount of your anaesthetic to your anaesthetist, and then claim your rebate from your fund.  If you are uninsured, you will be required to pay the full amount in advance of your procedure.

We want you to be fully informed of the financial implications of your anaesthetic and ask that you contact us for an estimate as soon as possible after you and your surgeon have made the decision to proceed.

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