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Dr. Scott Buntain

Dr. Scott G. Buntain


Dr Scott Buntain is a full time Specialist Anaesthetist with Narcosia Anaesthesia. Scott is an Old boy of the Toowoomba Grammar School (1982-1983) and Brisbane Boys’ College (1984-1986).

Dr Buntain’s undergraduate medical degree (MBBS) was conferred by the University of Queensland in 1992. He graduated with First Class Honours and was awarded the Charles Mitford Lilley Memorial Prize for Surgery.

Dr Buntain commenced training in Anaesthesia in 1996. This training incorporated posts at various Queensland hospitals, with three full years being spent at the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) in Brisbane. Dr Buntain was awarded FANZCA in 2001 and accepted the position of Staff Specialist at the PAH in 2002. Dr Buntain moved into private practice with Narcosia Anaesthesia toward the end of 2002, but remained a Visiting Medical Officer at the PAH until 2009.

Dr Buntain’s main areas of practice encompass the provision of anaesthetic services for Plastic Surgery, Urology, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology and Oncology, General Surgery, Gastroenterology and Ophthalmology. He has a broad general practice at all of the major Brisbane private hospitals, and has a particular interest in the teaching of medical and allied health staff. He is an active participant of the ANZCA Maintenance of Professional Standards program and is a member of a number of ANZCA special interest groups.

Outside of Anaesthesia, Dr Buntain’s main interests are golf, travel, music and gastronomy. He is married to Helen, a Paediatric Respiratory Physician based at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, has three school age children, and a particularly cute sausage dog!

Dr Buntain is committed to providing the best possible anaesthetic care to all of his patients.