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Dr. Matthew Kelso

Dr. Matthew Kelso


Dr Matthew Kelso is a Specialist Anaesthetist with a comprehensive anaesthetic practice throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area. He provides services for urological, general and plastic surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecological, ophthalmic, gastroenterology and obstetric procedures. He has a particular interest in regional anaesthesia for upper limb surgery, obstetric and robotic surgical procedures.

Dr Kelso received his medical degree (MBBS) at the University of Sydney and graduated with Second Class Honours in 1997. He commenced anaesthetic training at Royal North Shore Hospital (in Sydney) in 2000. He saw the light, married a Queenslander and moved to Brisbane in 2004 where he completed his fellowship year at the Mater Hospital Brisbane. In 2005 he was appointed as a Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at the Mater Hospital Brisbane. Dr Kelso joined Narcosia Anaesthesia in 2008 and now works full time in private practice. He remains a Visiting Medical Officer at the Mater Adults and Mothers Hospital.

Dr Kelso participates diligently in the Continuing Professional Development activities of the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthestists and assists by lecturing anaesthetic registrars preparing for their primary exams.

Matthew is married with three school aged children. His personal interests include golf, attending his childrens’ school sports, beer appreciation, home maintenance and landscaping.