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Dr. Mark Dilda

Dr. Mark Dilda

Dr Mark Dilda is a consultant Anaesthetist who has been a part of Narcosia Anaesthesia since 2009.

Mark Graduated from the University of Queensland in 1990, spent 4 years in QLD Government Scholarship positions in Rural Medical Practice before returning to Brisbane where he worked in non Specialist ICU and Emergency Medicine positions.

Marks early training in Anaesthesia was at the RBWH and Cairns Base Hospital. He finished with a Fellow year in Cardio-Thoracic Anaesthesia at The Prince Charles Hospital where he subsequently worked as a VMO Cardiac Anaesthetist. During this period he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Echocardiography and continues to have an interest in the applications of Ultrasound to the Practice of Anaesthesia. Following his time at Prince Charles Mark held a VMO position at the RBWH working in Adult and Obstetric Anaesthesia.

Mark is currently devoted full time to Private Anaesthetic Practice with Narcosia.

Mark has developed a broad Anaesthetic Practice including Anaesthesia for Orthopaedic, Gyneacological, Gastro, Urological, Colo-Rectal and Plastic Surgery. He is a Fellow of ANZCA and is a member of the ASA. When not working as an Anaesthetist mark has wide ranging interests and hobbies including Windsurfing, Skiing, and Golf.