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Dr. Andrew Russell

Dr. Andrew Russell


Dr Russell graduated from the University of Queensland in 1983 with honours. He completed his internship at the Princess Alexandra hospital, and then spent 12 months at Roma Hospital as a medical officer as part of his bonded scholarship as an undergraduate, where he consolidated his Interest in the practice of anaesthesia.

Dr Russell returned to Brisbane to commence specialist training. The majority of this was In Queensland hospitals, though he was fortunate to participate in a registrar exchange that allowed him to work in Exeter in the UK.

After obtaining his fellowship in anaesthesia Dr Russell spent his provisional fellowship year at St Vincent’s in Melbourne, gaining Experience particularly in neurosurgical and vascular anaesthesia.

Dr Russell returned to Brisbane and joined the Narcosia Anaesthesia Group in 1991.  He has an interest in the post graduate training of registrars and has recently completed 12 years as an examiner for the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.  His ongoing interest in the humanities continues to influence and refine his day to day practice and teaching of medical students and registrars.