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Dr. Adrian Chin

Dr. Adrian Chin


Dr Adrian Chin attended primary and secondary school in Brisbane and received the Australian Student Prize for Excellence in 1993. He then completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Queensland (1999). After residency at the Mater Hospital, he worked in the United Kingdom before returning to Australia to complete his anaesthetic training at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Adrian works in both the public sector (specialist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital since 2010) and private sector. He joined Narcosia in 2014 and now has a busy practice at a number of hospitals around Brisbane. He is regularly involved in training other doctors, and has been invited to speak at local and national conferences.

Adrian’s interests include acute pain management and the use of ultrasound technology to improve patient care, particularly in high risk settings such as heart or lung disease.

In 2013 he was instrumental in setting up a service specialising in acute pain management using ultrasound-guided procedures (Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital). In recognition of this work, he was awarded the Professor William Egerton Surgical Research Award and the Queensland Health Excellence Award for fostering innovation in healthcare (2014).

Outside medicine, he is passionate about music and travel. He is currently trying to learn the slide guitar.